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Thank you to our Conference Speakers!

Elwyn Adrian, Transport Canada The Evolving Relationship Between Transport Canada & Industry Peter Hamm & Yan Tremblay, NAVCanada NAVCanada Updates
Tom Bennett, Transport Canada TC Airworthiness break out

Rick Reid, Supply Chain Manitoba

Managing the Turbulence in Your Supply Chain
Jack Kearley, Transport Canada TC Flight Ops break out
Ian Klassen, Precision ADM
Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) in Aviation & Aerospace
Tomas Martens, Transport Canada
TC Flight Training Unit break out
Christine Gervais, Canadian Owners and Pilots Association; Cindy Haughton, Transport Canada; Richard Podolski, Volatus Aerospace
Drone Panel
Marie-Hélène Simard, Octant Aviation
Impact of Climate Change on Northern Operations

Joe Barnsley, Pitblado; Bob Cowie, VP Regulatory Affairs, GHY International; Dennis Lyons, PRM, Fast Air

Buying & Selling Aircraft Across Borders

Shane Rambhaccus & Audrey Van Houtte-Drapeau, Willis Towers Watson
Current State of Aviation Insurance
Capt Tim Perry & Capt David Zwart, Air Line Pilots Association
ALPA White Paper on Improving Commercial Aviation Safety in the Far North
Brendan Phillips, First Nations Training Institute Increasing Indigenous Flight Training Dean Rennie, Southport Aerospace Centre Climate Smart Certification
CJ Hart, Calm Air International Hiring Indigenous People
Adam Penner Electric Trainer Aircraft
Sinead Anderson, Calm Air International Hiring Indigenous People
Dr Martin Fogel, Civil Aviation Medical Examiner Flying High? Cannabis, TeleMedicals, Pilot Medicals & Modern Medicine, Pilot Mental Health
Presidents' Panel: John McKenna, Air Transport Association of Canada; Anthony Norejko, Canadian Business Aircraft Association; Christine Gervais, Canadian Owners and Pilots Association; Trevor Mitchell, Helicopter Association of Canada; Glenn Priestley, Northern Air Transportation Association Important Impacts / Changes in the Aviation Industry Nangmalik Qanatsiaq Increasing Indigenous Flight Training
SMS Technologies & Systems for Airports and 703 Operators WASCO
Ryan van Haren, Cardinal Aviation
Declaring Emergencies

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